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Crio– Redefining The White Toner Transfer Experience

Crio – New Brand of White Toner Printers with an Elevated Support Experience August 5, 2021 The debut of the OKI white toner transfer OEM for the western hemisphere has arrived, and its name is Crio. Utilizing the foundation of OKI’s white toner technology in their printers, Crio elevates the end user experience by putting […]

Prepare Screens Sensibly with EXOstencil® and an OKI 9541

Prepare Screens with EXOstencil® and an OKI pro9541WT How can EXOstencil® and an OKI Pro9541WT simplify the screen preparation process while minimizing environmental waste and toxins? Learn how Neenah Coldenhove’s EXOstencil® screen prep paper can make your life as a screen printer so much easier! Environmental Waste and Toxicity in Screen Printing Screen printing creates […]

OKI’s Exclusive OEM Agreement

OKI Electric Industry Co., LTD Signs Exclusive OEM Agreement with Imaging Supplies Warehouse (ISW) as Sole Provider of OKI Technology for the Digital Transfer Market in the Americas OKI Electric Industry Co., LTD (OKI), is excited to announce that Imaging Supplies Warehouse (ISW) will launch a new line of digital transfer printers, which are Powered […]

Growing an At-Home Business with an OKI pro8432WT-Case Study

Christy Garza has always been an artist at heart and always wanted to start her own business. She graduated from the Art Institute of Houston after quitting her job in criminal justice. After working for Budweiser in their marketing department, she had gained a lot of experience working with OKI printers and learned about the […]

Switch From Screen Printing to OKI White Toner-Case Study

Increase Profits by Switching From Screen Printing to OKI White Toner Transfer Ronnie Warner, owner of ENG Clothing and Customs, is active military and does garment decoration on the side. He started getting into garment decoration about four years ago with screen printing. He started by just screen printing for personal use and for friends. […]

Expand Your HTV Business with an OKI White Toner Printer

Expand Your HTV Business with OKI white toner printer

Adding White Toner Printing to Expand Your HTV Business What is Heat Transfer Vinyl? The heat transfer vinyl (HTV) process uses a thin vinyl with an adhesive backing to create custom designs. A cutting machine with a blade is used to cut designs into HTV. These cutting machines take a digital design and automatically cut […]