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Growing an At-Home Business with an OKI pro8432WT-Case Study

Christy Garza has always been an artist at heart and always wanted to start her own business. She graduated from the Art Institute of Houston after quitting her job in criminal justice. After working for Budweiser in their marketing department, she had gained a lot of experience working with OKI printers and learned about the […]

Sublimation or Heat Transfer Paper- Which is Right for You?

Sublimation or Heat Transfer Blog Header

Which is Better: Sublimation or Heat Transfer Paper? There are multiple ways to decorate garments and most often we see the question of whether sublimation or heat transfer paper is better. We can’t necessarily tell you which is better because that depends on your business and what you’re trying to achieve or decorate. However, we […]

Inkjet vs. Laser Heat Transfer Paper- Which Should You Use?

Inkjet vs. Laser Heat Transfer Paper_ A Comprehensive Comparison & Overview

A Comprehensive Comparison of Inkjet vs. Laser Heat Transfer Paper  There are many ways to decorate a garment such as screen printing, dye-sublimation, and heat transfer vinyl. Another method is by using heat transfer paper. This involves printing a design or photo onto a sheet of specialty paper and then pressing it onto a garment. Let’s […]