Prevent Ghosting in Sublimation

Prevent Ghosting in Sublimation with Jetcol® TA Paper

If you’ve ever sublimated onto fabric, you are probably familiar with the term “ghosting”. Ghosting is a common challenge in dye sublimation. It happens when your sublimation paper shifts as you open your heat press, and the sublimation process still has not been completed and the ink is not dry.

The paper shifts leaving a shadow effect on the edges of your design and causes your transfer to be blurry. Sublimation ghosting is not only annoying to deal with, but it can be expensive if you have a number of wasted garments that you cannot sell.

Fortunately, ghosting is something that you can easily prevent with the right tools or sublimation paper. For hard surfaces, most people will use a thermal tape to adhere the sublimation paper to the substrate. For fabrics, you can either use a spray adhesive, which while effective, can sometimes leave a sticky residue behind; or you can use a tacky sublimation paper like Jetcol® TA.

What is Jetcol® TA Sublimation Paper?

Jetcol® TA (Thermal Adhesive) is a tacky sublimation paper that is coated with a heat-activated adhesive, which keeps the fabric and paper bonded during heat transfer. The paper’s manufacturer, Neenah Coldenhove, designed Jetcol® TA in close cooperation with their customers to solve the challenge of ghosting, and they succeeded. 

Jetcol® TA keeps your paper stuck firmly to the fabric during sublimation – even as you open the press. This is especially beneficial for printing on sportswear and athletic apparel or elastic fabrics. 

The result is ultra-crisp, super vibrant high transfer yield without ghosted images. Bonus – there’s no sticky residue left behind. You can just peel the paper off and have a clean, crisp finished product! 

Jetcol® TA vs. Other Tacky Sublimation Papers

Now, we would be kidding ourselves if we said they aren’t other tacky sublimation papers on the market. But there’s little comparison between Neenah Coldenhove’s Jetcol® TA and the competition. What really sets all of Neenah Coldenhove’s papers apart from other sublimation papers is their consistency. Because they manufacture their own paper core in-house, they have unparalleled control over the consistency and quality of their papers. 

This is a stark contrast from most other paper manufacturers who outsource their paper core to a third party. In short, their paper is really consistent, and you’ll know that you will get the same high-quality transfers with every press.

The First Tacky Sublimation Paper for the Epson F570

Jetcol® TA is the first tacky sublimation paper that’s available on a 2” core specifically for the Epson F570 desktop sublimation printer – in 17” and 24” rolls. Additionally, you can find it in 44” and 64” on a 3” core for large-format printers by Epson, Mutoh, and other manufacturers.

Give Jetcol® TA a Try

When it comes to printing on sports apparel and other polyester fabrics, you will be hard-pressed to find a more consistent, quality paper than Jetcol® TA. The transfers it produces are vivid and clear, and you’ll be happy that there’s no ghosting. 

You can purchase a roll of Jetcol® TA at a variety of your favorite sublimation paper resellers, and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. If you have any questions about Jetcol® TA Thermal Adhesive sublimation paper, feel free to call one of our product specialists at 314-641-1122 or email us at

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