PreTreater Pro 

The Polyprint PreTreater Pro has automation features to save time and reduce costs while you are preparing garments for top quality prints! High expertise and strenuous experience has led to delivering a top-notch machine that makes your pretreatment process simple and automated.

Advanced tech components achieve liquid & spraying uniformity empowering the Polyprint PreTreater Pro to provide spraying consistency and precision all along your production. Durable prints with vibrant colors and sharp details is what you get; all of that in a clean and healthy working environment!

Precision spraying to prepare garments for amazing prints, automation for less downtime, and simplicity for less mess and hassle.
Exceed your customer expectations with vibrant colors, sharp details, and great washability!

Product Documentation



  • Five Nozzles
  • Four Empty Tanks
  • Four Gaskets
  • Four Blue Nozzle Holders
  • One Power Cable
  • One Quick Installation Guide
  • One Quick User Guide
  • One Polyprint USB Key
  • One Registration Page


  • Polyprint Pretreatment 5001 – 1L
  • Polyprint Pretreatment 5001 – 5L
  • Firebird FBX-100 Pretreatment 1 Gallon
  • Firebird FBX-VIVID White Garment Pretreatment 1 Gallon

Cleaning Solution:

  • FIREBIRD Pretreatment Cleaning Solution 1 Gallon

Learn More About Polyprint PreTreater Pro

    Why Choose the Polyprint PreTreater Pro?

    Automate Your Workflow

    Operate the entire machine from a 7 inch touchscreen. Enjoy 5 pre-selected  options, 10 custom presets, and a “Scan-to-Spray” bar code automation feature for quick runs.

    Spray Accurately

    Pick “Linear” consecutive or “Grid” non-consecutive areas to pinpoint where your prints land and save on liquids.

    Spray Consistently

    Automatic height adjustment sets the ideal distance between fabric and printhead, so you can easily change between t-shirts, hoodies, towels, totes, etc.