OKI’s Exclusive OEM Agreement

OKI Electric Industry Co., LTD Signs Exclusive OEM Agreement with Imaging Supplies Warehouse (ISW) as Sole Provider of OKI Technology for the Digital Transfer Market in the Americas

OKI Electric Industry Co., LTD (OKI), is excited to announce that Imaging Supplies Warehouse (ISW) will launch a new line of digital transfer printers, which are Powered by OKI Technology, to the Americas market. Under this exclusive partnership between OKI and ISW, the new brand will be the only authorized OKI-based printers in the digital transfer and garment decoration markets that have been engineered, customized, and certified by OKI for distribution in the Americas, and ISW will serve as the exclusive distributor for this technology.

As an established OKI partner, ISW worked very closely with the OKI engineering team in Japan to bring this new product line to market. OKI was extremely selective when developing OEM partnerships and ISW was chosen due to their reseller relationships, customer service team, logistics capabilities, and direct relationships with leading technology providers that enables the delivery of turn-key solutions to the garment decoration, screen printing, and embroidery markets.

It is critical that customers making a significant technology purchase, such as a digital transfer printer, understand that OKI engineering and ISW have invested the time and resources into certifying this new printer line for performance, safety, compliance, and quality.

There are a lot of imitators in the marketplace and “manufacturers” who source OKI printers from non-authorized sources and relabel them for inclusion in their systems. Companies that take those shortcuts are not aligned with OKI and we are taking actions globally to confront and impede these “manufacturers” from selling unauthorized rebranded printers.

In addition, ISW will also continue to serve as the exclusive distributor for OKI-branded printer consumables for the digital transfer market. This includes supplies for the Pro9541WT, Pro8432WT, C831TS, C711WT, as well as the legacy Pro900 series.

We’re excited about this announcement and will be issuing an official press release and additional market communications shortly. Be sure to connect with ISW on social media for the latest news and product availability for this exciting new line of digital transfer printers.


Lou Stricklin

Director of Marketing

Oki Data Americas, Inc.




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