Sharp imaging without ghosting

Jetcol® Thermal Adhesive (TA) is a premium sublimation paper with a heat-activated adhesive that allows the paper to stick firmly to the textile during heat transfer. This prevents any “ghosting,” providing you with crystal clear transfers. Jetcol® TA can be used on traditional plotters as well as on today’s fast printers. Like all Jetcol® papers, Jetcol® Thermal Adhesive has a high transfer yield for brighter, more vibrant colors.

Jetcol® TA Markets


Customized apparel is an essential element in today’s sportswear market. Properties such as vibrant colors and crisp, sharp lines are primary requirements. The special coating on Jetcol® TA provides superior adhesion to the textile, keeping the paper firmly attached – reducing the chances of ghosting while resulting in unparalleled color and consistency to satisfy any athlete at any level.

Sports Fashion

Sportswear has evolved from just being worn of the field to being a casual everyday wearable. Whether it’s leggings, crop tops or jerseys, customers expect high comfort with even higher quality. Jetcol® TA’s special coating allows the paper to stick firmly to the fabric to prevent lifting – thus removing any chance of ghosting and delivering consistent sharp, brilliant colors every time.


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Primary Markets


85 / 105

Ink Limits*

Transfer Yield

Dry Speed

High Speed


Core Size(s)

2" / 3"

Roll Width(s)

17" / 24" / 44" / 52" / 64"

Sheet Width(s)