The solution to rivering

Jetcol® HTR3500 was developed to solve a quality challenge which occurs quite often in the dye sublimation industry, called “rivering”. We designed Jetcol® HTR3500 paper with a special coating that prevents gas build up between the paper and the textile. The result is a sublimation paper with high transfer yield leaving a very sharp image and reduces rivering waste up to 99%.

Jetcol® HTR3500 Markets

Home Decor

The home furnishings market is one of the fastest expanding segments of digital textile printing. Applications can include such items as blankets, curtains and wall coverings just to name a few. For these type items, Jetcol® HTR3500 has a high transfer yield and ink load performance which help in achieving sharp lines, precise patterns and crisp designs required by todays home decor market.

Soft Signage

Signage is a strong and highly visible market that defines itself by vibrant colors and extreme detail. The design and porosity of Jetcol® HTR3500 is ideal for printing on close knit fabrics and blackout textiles, solving the “rivering” effect. Jetcol® HTR3500 will deliver the color consistency and sharpness with higher ink load values that will make the end result standout and pop.

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Primary Markets



Ink Limits*

Transfer Yield

Dry Speed

High Speed


Core Size(s)

2" / 3"

Roll Width(s)

16.5" / 23.6" / 44" / 64" / 75" / 101" / 104" / 126"

Sheet Width(s)