Cut Sublimation Transfer Times in Half

Jetcol® DHS Sublimation Paper Cuts Transfer Times in Half

What if we told you that by using Jetcol® DHS sublimation paper you could increase your sublimation production speed by nearly 100%? That would sound too good to be true, right? Well, it’s actually possible – with Jetcol® DHS dye-sublimation paper by Neenah Coldenhove, you can reduce sublimation transfer times. 

Jetcol® DHS is the new, innovative dye-sublimation paper that reduces transfer times on hard-surface substrates by up to 50%. Additionally, it provides ink savings up to 40% when compared to most traditional sublimation papers. This means that a product that normally takes a minute to press only takes around 30 seconds with Jetcol® DHS. That is some major time and cost savings!

How Does Jetcol® DHS Sublimation Paper Work?

Jetcol® DHS sublimation paper is a game-changer. It’s hard to believe something as simple as what sublimation paper used can make such a huge difference in production. The secret to the magic is that paper manufacturer Neenah Coldenhove designed Jetcol® DHS with a special coating that prevents ink from getting absorbed into the paper’s fibers. Because the sublimation ink stays on top of the paper, your printer doesn’t use as much to saturate the page. In turn, the ink sublimates more quickly. 

Additionally, Jetcol® DHS has a very high transfer yield. Almost all of the ink on the paper is used in sublimation. With most other papers, you will still observe a fair amount of ink left on your sublimation paper after pressing – that’s wasted ink and money! With a high transfer yield paper like Jetcol® DHS, that happens far less.

Jetcol® DHS is the Ideal Paper for Hard-Surface Products

One of the biggest questions about the dye-sublimation process is what sublimation paper to use. Different papers produce different results on a variety of substrates. Therefore, selecting the proper paper for your project is highly important.

If you’re familiar with Neenah Coldenhove’s sublimation paper line that includes Jetcol® TA and Jet-X® among others, you will know that each one of their papers is methodically designed for a specific application.

For Jetcol® DHS, that application is hard surface products like photo panels, tiles, and slates – as well as drinkware and promotional products. Jetcol® DHS has a very large color gamut and the colors really “pop.” This lends itself to printing high-resolution, vibrant photos and designs on substrates like the ChromaLuxe photo panels. When it comes to printing on hard surfaces, you simply can’t beat Jetcol® DHS.

Jetcol® DHS Provides Highly Consistent Transfers

Another thing that we love about Jetcol® DHS and all of Neenah Coldenhove’s papers for that matter is the consistency. Because they manufacture their own paper core in-house, Neenah Coldenhove has unparalleled control over the consistency and quality of their papers. 

This is a stark contrast from most other paper manufacturers who outsource their paper core to a third party. In short, Jetcol® DHS is really consistent, and you will get the same high-quality transfers with every press.

What’s the Cost Difference Between Jetcol® DHS and Other Papers?

You’d think paper that increases production speed and saves you ink would cost more, but that’s not true. In fact, Jetcol® DHS is generally about the same if not less expensive than competing sublimation paper brands. So, with little to no added cost to your business, the only thing that grows is your bottom line.

What Sizes of Jetcol® DHS are Available?

Jetcol® DHS is available in sheets and rolls in a variety of sizes for desktop and large-format printers. Sheets are available in sizes from 8.5” x 11” to 13” x 19” for desktop printers like the Sawgrass SG500 and SG1000. Rolls are available in 17” and 24” widths, which accommodate the Epson F570. Also, 44” and 64” widths are offered for large-format printers from Epson, Mutoh and other brands.

Get Started with Jetcol® DHS Sublimation Paper

When it comes to printing on hard surfaces, you will be hard-pressed to find a faster paper than Jetcol® DHS. Not only will you save valuable time pressing while using less ink, your transfers will also look amazing. 

You can grab a pack of sheets or a roll of Jetcol® DHS at a variety of your favorite sublimation paper resellers, and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. If you have any questions about Jetcol® DHS sublimation paper, feel free to call one of our product specialists at 314-641-1122 or email us at

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