One paper for all sublimation inks

Many customers have plotters but also industrial printers with a slightly different type of ink, which require a different type of sublimation coating. The Jet-X® paper is designed to work optimally with all different types of water-based sublimation inks. The base structure of the paper and the unique coating guarantee the brightest, most consistent colors across multiple runs regardless of the sublimation equipment.

Jet-X® Markets

Home Decor

The home decor market is one of the fastest expanding segments of digital textile printing. There are endless applications ranging from blankets to wall coverings. Each application often requires different types of paper, but not when you run Jet-X®. Jet-X® is an incredibly adaptable paper that will maintain good performance across different applications so there’s no need to change rolls between print runs.


As digital textile printing has experienced tremendous growth in sublimation, the market demands faster turn times and smaller order minimums. We recognize the need to reduce downtime, optimize production and simultaneously produce the perfect print. Jet-X® provides more transfer yield with more paper per roll all while achieving consistent quality with sharp, flawless patterns.

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