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    Produce a Wide Range of Full-Color Digital Transfers with an OKI 711WT Printer

    Customize t-shirts and apparel, hard surface goods and more with an OKI 711WT or another white toner printer from OKI! With low running costs and no maintenance cycles, you will be able to see your ROI sooner – whether printing a page of logos or a full color, photographic-quality transfer. Promotional items, party shirts, sporting wear, personalized gifts, custom signs, company apparel and more. OKI Digital Transfer Printers open doors to new sources of revenue. The opportunities are endless!

    Print, Then Press on a Variety of Surfaces

    Go beyond t-shirt printing and transfer your designs onto a wide variety of materials. Grow your business by accessing lucrative new revenue streams with the ability to provide an array of personalized decorative and promotional items, on demand. With no cutting or weeding required, you can produce high-quality, detailed products with ease. No more minimum order quantities. Just print one, or print many.  

    Garments & Textiles

    • Cotton
    • Nylon
    • Polyester
    • Cotton / Poly Blends
    • Denim
    • Leather
    • Linen
    • Felt & More

    Hard Surface Goods

    • Acrylic
    • Glass
    • Wood
    • Ceramic
    • Metal
    • Enamel
    • Magnets
    • Cork & More

    Why Digital Transfer Printing?

    The OKI 711WT is the quick, clean, compact, maintenance-free alternative with a quick return on investment. Digital Transfer Printing with an OKI 711WT delivers high-quality, full color embellishments on the widest range of materials to complement your existing decorating methods or as a stand-alone money maker.

    The ability to print brilliant white and full color graphics on the widest range of surfaces solves many challenges faced by business owners. OKI Digital Transfer Printers combined with digital transfer media gives users the power to print the most intricate, personalized designs – super fast, clean and without hassle.

    Deciding to Buy an OKI 711 White Toner Printer

    Typically, it is a done deal when someone experiences the range of what they can do with a white toner printer, such as the OKI 711WT. Once you experience the quality of transfers, the versatility of its capabilities, and the range of custom items you can make, it is easy to see how a white toner printer can be of great benefit to your new or existing business. White toner printers expand your revenue streams and increase your profit with minimal labor involved.

    Many businesses adopt a white toner printer for the simplicity of the process. Unlike Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), there is no cutting and weeding involved. White toner technology also does not limit the number of colors you can use like screen-printing does. You can also transfer to any type and color of fabric or surface, not just light-colored polyester materials as with sublimation.



    Profitability of an OKI 711WT Printer

    White toner printing is a relatively new technology which vastly expands the colors and types of surfaces you can decorate. From classic t-shirts to mugs, water bottles, other hard surface goods and more, white toner printing opens a world of opportunity for new revenue streams for your business. In addition to the revenue and profit opportunities, the OKI 711WT is a great choice due to it’s low running costs and no maintenance cycles. There is less of a cost to printer upkeep compared to sublimation and other methods.

    Your bottom line should always be kept in consideration when looking to invest in a white toner printer for heat transfer products. While there are many variables that go into your pricing strategy for your decorated products, you must always consider the bottom line–profitability. Understandably, to truly be profitable, you must make back the cost of your initial investment in the printer and equipment.

    Below are some sample profit margins for a few substrates done in runs of 10:

    White Toner Profit Chart

    Case Study Example: AMTwinspirations & Jodie Bucu

    In many types of decoration methods, the main challenge tends to be the ability to create complex designs. This is the challenge that Jodie Bucu, owner of the Etsy shop AMTwinspirations, was faced with. Often, she was limited in the designs she could produce due to the number of colors or layers of vinyl.

    Design Limitations Lead to Outsourcing

    Jodie recently received a complex design from a prospective customer and realized she did not have the ability to do what was needed. However, as a small business owner, Jodie did not want to turn down the order. Instead, she found a way to make the shirt idea a reality. She outsourced the project through a different decoration process- white toner printing with an OKI 711WT printer.

    To be able to fulfill her customer’s request, Jodie ordered some transfers with the complex custom design and colors printed by an OKI white toner printer. Once received, she used the same heat press she had been using for heat transfer vinyl to transfer the image to the shirt.

    Decision to Purchase an OKI 711WT

    While it took some adjusting of heat and pressure, after a few test transfers she found the ideal process for transfer. Jodie says she was so thrilled with the quality, look, feel and process of the white toner transfers versus HTV. So much so that she decided immediately that an investment into an OKI 711WT printer was her next move.

    Due to her purchase of an OKI 711WT, Jodie will be able produce a wider variety of custom goods more efficiently. She plans to continue to use both HTV and OKI white toner printing in the future and offer different pricing scales based on the technology used in the process.

    Is an OKI White Toner Printer Right for Your Business?

    White toner printers, like the OKI 711WT printer, are revolutionary for apparel decorators. They provide the ability to print bright, vibrant high-definition images for heat transfer onto a variety of surfaces. This opens new revenue streams for decoration businesses. White toner printing is a great addition to a heat transfer vinyl, screen-printing, or sublimation business to expand offerings and profitability.

    There are multiple OKI white toner printers with varying capabilities, definition, and print sizes. To learn more about the OKI 711WT and which printer would be best for your business, you can compare OKI printers here.

    Let us send you a free sample printed with an OKI 711WT or reach out to us for more details! Enter your information below.