Eliminate Rivering in Dye Sublimation

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Eliminate Rivering in Dye Sublimation with Jetcol HTR3500®

Are you looking to eliminate “rivering” in dye sublimation? If you work in large format dye sublimation, you’re probably familiar with the issue we call “rivering”. This is also referred to as “arching”, “tiger striping” or “boat waking”. This is typically only an issue for those sublimating in large format such as signage and textiles.

Neenah Coldenhove makes specialty papers, each paper designed with purpose and a specific use to solve a quality problem. The Jetcol® HTR3500 sublimation paper is no different and was created to solve a problem seen with large format dye sublimation.

The Process and Science of Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is the process of using dye-sub inks and a special sublimation printer to print onto sublimation paper. The image on the paper is then transferred onto a polyester fabric or poly-coated hard item with a heat press.

The science behind this method is what makes sublimation so special. The special dye-sub inks used turn into a gas and embed themselves in the polyester fabric or coating when heat pressed. The ink bonds to the substrate and dyes the fibers, instead of sitting on top.

With sublimation, you cannot feel the image on fabrics and other substrates. Unlike heat transfer vinyl and white toner transfer in which the ink sits on top of the fabric. Sublimated items are durable with long-lasting and high-quality images and colors.

Sublimation Process

What is “Rivering” in Sublimation?

In sublimation, since the process of transfer involves the transition to a gas, there can be gas build up that works its way to the edge of the paper to escape while being transferred. “Rivering” tends to cause a “waviness” in the image that can distort colors and the design. However, this tends to be more of a common issue with larger formats and projects.

The textile, home furnishing, and soft-signage industries tend to experience this problem most often due to the size of the substrates they’re working with. It’s not as common for the apparel and hard goods industries due to the smaller substrates such as apparel, mugs, bags, hats, etc.

How Can You Stop Rivering in Sublimation?

Neenah Coldenhove is a specialty paper manufacturer with innovative coatings that solve a range of sublimation and transfer issues. They have created a sublimation paper specifically to solve the challenge of rivering.

Jetcol® HTR3500 sublimation paper was created to solve this quality challenge. It has a special coating that prevents gas build up between the paper and the substrate. This coating allows the excess gas to escape through the paper and not out the sides of the paper. Thus, eliminating the issue of rivering with wavy, distorted images.

Jetcol® HTR3500 is a sublimation paper with high transfer yield with a sharp image. The paper virtually eliminates rivering waste. As an added bonus, Jetcol® HTR3500 also leads to a reduction in paper cockling through the printer.

What Sizes of Jetcol® HTR3500 Are Available?

Jetcol® HTR3500 was created to solve the problem of rivering which exists only in larger textiles, therefore it is not available in sheets. Jetcol® HTR3500 is only available by the roll.

Jetcol HTR3500 Paper Size Chart

Where Can I Buy Jetcol® HTR3500?

You can purchase a roll of Jetcol® HTR3500 at a variety of your favorite sublimation paper resellers, and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. If you have any questions about Jetcol® HTR3500 sublimation paper, feel free to call one of our product specialists at 314-641-1122 or email us at distributors@goisw.com.


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