Crio White Toner Profit Guide- How Much Money Can You Make?

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Why Choose a Crio Laser White Toner  Printer?

Before getting into the Crio Profit Guide, you may be wondering “why would someone choose a white toner printer?” Most importantly, white toner digital transfers are a quick, clean, compact, maintenance-free alternative to screen printing, vinyl, sublimation, and other garment decoration methods with a fast ROI.

Additionally, white toner transfers deliver high-quality, full-color embellishments on the widest range of materials to complement your existing decorating methods or as a stand-alone money maker.

The ability to print brilliant white and full-color graphics on the widest range of surfaces solves many challenges faced by business owners. Crio White Toner Transfer Printers combined with digital transfer media gives users the power to print the most intricate, personalized designs – super fast, clean, and without hassle.

Profitability with a Crio White Toner Printer

With low running costs and no maintenance cycles, you will be able to see your ROI sooner with a Crio white toner printer. You can print a page of logos or a full-color, photographic-quality transfer. White toner digital transfer technology opens a world of opportunities and revenue streams. You can create promotional items, party shirts, sporting wear, personalized gifts, custom signs, company apparel, and more.

Digital transfer printing with white toner technology opens doors to new profit opportunities that would otherwise be impossible with screen printing, heat vinyl, or sublimation. Print and press customized designs to the widest variety of textiles including cotton, blends, polyester, and even hard goods. You can start a profitable decorating business with personalized products. It’s now easier than ever before!

Crio Potential Profit Guide

White toner printing is a relatively new technology that vastly expands the colors and types of surfaces you can decorate. From classic t-shirts to mugs, water bottles, and more, white toner printing opens a world of opportunity for new revenue streams for your business. The Crio profit guide examines the profit potential of Crio white toner digital transfer printers.

Within this guide, we have given examples of 10 different substrates and the estimated profit margins available. You will see the average cost to create each different product and possible retail sales prices with the profit margin estimate.

  • Polo shirt with a chest logo
  • Full-color t-shirt
  • Coffee mug
  • Christmas ornament
  • Wood cutting board
  • Sweatshirt or hoodie
  • Sweatpants
  • Tote bag
  • Beverage koozies
  • Collateral

Download the Crio Profit Guide

Gain a better understanding of the possible profit margins you can have with a Crio white toner printer in the Crio profit guide we have created. You will see a variety of substrate examples and the estimated costs and sale prices.

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